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Replacement for 2SB618A 2SB588A BATWING TRANSISTORS 

the sa-9500ii originals are

2sb618a pnp batwing bce 150v 7a 80w 80hfe 14mhz

2sd588a npn batwing bce 150v 7a 80w 80hfe 14mhz

Replacing them for 100 – 110 volt versions than NOTE 100v and the type you want (618 or 588)

We have experimented with MJE15032-33 as substitute but they were poor subs; the gain collapses shortly after 1 ampere

Replacing them for more powerful to-220 models pushed them to 3 amp before collapsing, the MJE models do'nt have SOA so we decided for the FJP's

NOTE 230v and the type you want (618 or 588) 

see for this item also https://www.euromaxx.nu/Hitte-geleidingspasta-koelpasta-spuit-tube-1g

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