1 PAIR = 2PCS Replacement Transistor MARANTZ 2SD188 2SA627

1 PAIR = 2PCS Replacement Transistor MARANTZ 2SD188 2SA627


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1 Matched PAIR = 2PCS Replacement Substitute Transistor MARANTZ 2SD188 2SA627

As used in 2215B 2215BL etc
Note; it sometimes happens that after replacement of only one pair, the volume may vary so that one channel has a higher volume than the other, in that case also replace the other pair.
Since these items are no longer in production and even respectable trading houses are delivering restamped not original items we decided to sears for a quality replacement and found top quality items and of course and these items will abolutely have no infuence on the sound of your amplifier. We have tested and build in these replacements over the years in many receivers and amplifiers and with a lot of satisfied customers.
So please be aware that we will not deliver NEC or TOSHIBA items but replacements which are TOPQUALITY and NO ALIEXPRESS items.

zie ook https://www.euromaxx.nu/Hitte-geleidingspasta-koelpasta-spuit-tube-1g

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