Electric Fence Pulse Capacitor Energisers

available in 6uF 12uF 20uF 30uF


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Electric Fence Pulse Capacitor Energisers

Is your electric fence device defective broken?

Electric Fence Electric Fence Energisers Use 30uf 1200v Pulse Capacitor Capacitor for Electric Fence Gallagher 600V-1200V Pulse Grade Capacitors

These capacitors are available in 6uF, 12uF, 20uF and 30uF with a calibration of up to 5% and the price is per piece.

At the end you can indicate which Uf you want.

Voltage of 400 – 1200 volts (so also suitable to replace other voltages like 400v – 450v – 600v – 900v)

These Electric Fence Pulse Capacitor Energisers for Electric Fence are also suitable as a replacement for ako E260162, Koltec, Bosch, Sel MP30/400, HQ, EPCOS, PKC

In farming, electric fencing is often used in the fence. It is also called a shock wire device or shock clock. These devices contain pulsating plus capacitors. Sometimes it stops ticking and doesn’t build up voltage for discharge, or it ticks more slowly. Occasionally, lightning strikes and blows up the capacitors. In any case, residents notice it very quickly. So, make sure to have a good fence with a properly functioning shock wire device. A shock wire device is the source that provides power to a fence, so cows, goats, sheep, and other animals don’t escape. Nowadays, it is also used to keep animals from the outside out…

With 15 cm thread the blue-purple wire is the plus, waterproof polypropylene Pulse Rate is 1 pulse/s max Working temperature -25° to +85°C Fastening without screw thread, so Non Stud Security typeP0 Lifetime3 x 10^8 pulses Material used Metallized polypropylene film I²T rating [A²s] 15.4

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